Infantry & Artillery

45th Infantry Division Infantry & Artillery Weapons - Bazooka

The galleries dedicated to the Infantry and Artillery are housed on the museum’s west wing and provide museum visitors of an overview of the vital and intertwined roles played by these two branches of services.

The Infantry is known as the “Queen of Battle,” because infantry troops, at the expense of many of their own lives, must take and hold ground in combat. Exhibits in this gallery features weapons and the colors and crests of the infantry of the 45th Division. “Wherever Brave Men Fight and Die For Freedom You Will Find Me, I Am Always Ready, Now and Forever. I Am The Infantry, Queen of Battle…Follow Me!”

45th Field Artillery Regiment

Artillerymen laughingly claim that it is the artillery which lends dignity to what otherwise would be nothing but a brawl. Whether or not this claim is accepted, it is recognized that the fire support provided by artillery often spell the difference between failure and success, when an infantry unit advances into enemy territory. Like the Infantry Room the Artillery gallery features the colors and crests of the 45th’s Field Artillery. The weapons used by the artillery can by seen in the Thunderbird Park. “Guns of the 45th Mission of Artillery, To Move, To Shoot, To Communicate. Responsible for Delivering Fire on the Target at the Time and in the Amount Necessary.”

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